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Each quarter, Nectarine brings you new and on trend additions, to help you create excitement and newness in your product offering. One of the easiest ways of creating a buzz is offering new fragrances to wear alone and to custom-scent ancillary products for scent layering. Take a tip from leading retailers and introduce new items each season. With a simple sign and blank logo label - so you can write in the name of your newest offering - create buzz with minimal investment. Offer "limited edition" scents, follow the hottest trends, create "seasonal" shelves with appropriate ancillary products, while offering your best selling classics alongside them.

This Fall, Nectarine offers you two new beautiful fragrance blends:

English Pear & Wildflower Perfume Oil
Black Ambrosia Perfume Oil

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Black Ambrosia Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Black Ambrosia 1/2 lb

This intoxicating unisex blend of opulent tobacco leaf  and crushed cocoa beans is reminiscent of old Havana glamour.

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Coconut Oil - Certified Organic  38# Pail Coconut Oil - Certified Organic 38# Pail

For hair, coconut oil is scientifically shown to help retain protein, though it seems to be best suited to fine to medium hair. It is great though for taming frizz for all hair types.

Skin can benefit too from coconut oil, as it is one of the best oils for holding in moisture and can be used for removing makeup (take care to not get it in the eyes).
Because of its slippery, silky feel, it is a great choice for relaxation massage. Mix it with other oils for deep tissue work.

Our Certified Organic RBD coconut oil (refined, bleached and deodorized) is certified organic by Oregon Tilth is a great for consumers and professionals. Available in 7.5 or 38 pound pails.

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English Pear & Wildflower   1/2 lb English Pear & Wildflower 1/2 lb

Sweet, luscious notes of just-ripe pear are enhanced with a fresh floral bouquet of freesia and rambling rose, while subtle hints of amber, patchouli and woods add sensuality and warmth.

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Silver Stream Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Silver Stream (unisex) 1/2 lb

This exhilarating scent, perfect for men and women, captures the energy of fresh mountain air and majestic snow capped peaks with the perfect accord of fresh citrus, cassis, tea and woodsy notes.

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Sonoma Spa Blossom Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Sonoma Spa Blossom 1/2 lb

The invigorating, lovely aromas of a sun-filled Sonoma garden are interpreted beautifully in this uplifting blend that refreshes the mind and enhances creativity.

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