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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nectarine products "all natural"?

We receive this question a lot. "Natural" is a very tricky word - one that's often misused or used misleadingly to sell a product. We use the word "natural" to define the ingredients in our Nectarine products which:

1. occur naturally in nature, like "ground walnut shells."

2. are naturally derived like "sweet almond oil" which may have been cleaned and purified through a filtration process.

3. are derived from naturally-occurring materials, like "cocamide DIPA" which is derived from coconut oil following a reaction with other components to create a compound useful for cosmetic products.

Nectarine offers an ingredient glossary should you need it. It is part of our Information Source manual that you can easily access online.This valuable Information Source manual also includes in-depth training documents for each of our products to help you get to know our products better and help you train your sales staff. Simply email Kim at or call us (800) 966-3457 for easy instructions on how to access this manual online.

What makes Nectarine products special?

We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing natural formulations, and many happy and successful customers who have been purchasing our products for as many years. Our chemists use the most scientifically advanced, FDA approved methods to develop the superb formulations that distinguish all our Nectarine products. Each has been created from the finest quality ingredients derived from the earth and carefully combined to be extra pure and safe. And of course, all are made in the USA, biodegradable and never tested on animals.

Our goal is to provide the very best solutions that nature and technology have devised for making beautifully effective body, face and spa products on the market.

Do you use parabens in your formulas?

The majority of our products do not contain parabens.While parabens have a long history of safety and efficacy in cosmetics and toiletries, and recent rumors that parabens might be potentially dangerous were dispelled by the American Cancer Society and the scientific community, Nectarine has reformulated many of its formulas to be paraben-free and will continue to offer paraben-free alternatives wherever possible. If you would like a list of all our paraben-free products, simply ask us. It is important to note that not all products can be effectively preserved against harmful bacteria and microorganisms - such as formulas with very high oil contents - without a paraben system. Parabens and chemical preservatives in general are the most effective way to protect the public against harmful bacteria which have become increasingly resistant to other types of preservatives.

Do you use mineral oil in your products?

Yes, we do use mineral oil in some of our moisturizers, and we also offer many formulas without it. While it is called "mineral oil," it is actually classified as an organic compound. Mineral oil is the cleaned and purified part of petroleum - which is the natural product of decomposed organic material oil under pressure from eons. It is one of the purest, most effective natural moisturizer available, found in such in demand luxury formulas as Creme de la Mer's best selling La Mer facial cream. Nectarine's best selling Unscented ADE Moisturizer contains mineral oil and has been our best selling body moisturizer for over 30 years. Customers love its ultra moisturizing properties that last all day, as well as how it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. It also does not have a strong base odor and is very easily custom-scented.

Mineral oil has a long history of safety; it is an ultra-light, cosmetic grade oil and non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores; it doesn't turn rancid (like some other oils can); and produces no allergic reactions. Mineral oil forms a water impervious barrier through which the skin's moisture cannot evaporate. It also is soothing to the skin.

Can you design and/or print my front logo labels for me?

No, Nectarine does not have a design and print department. Take a look at the FDA Labeling Regulations page for resources to help you get your logo labels done following FDA requirements. We have generic ingredient labels available for the back of your packaging for all products required to have an ingredient listing by the FDA. These back labels are printed in black on clear stock and have a product description and ingredient listing.

Can I put a USDA organic seal on my packaging for Nectarine organic products?

No.In order to obtain the USDA organic seal, a product must have at least 95% certified organic content. Except for certain products like massage oils or body balms, getting to that level is extremely difficult without compensating on the feel or look of a product, as well as its long term shelf life. All our organic products are made with at least 70% certified organic ingredients. Take a look at the FDA Organic Cosmetic Labeling page for more information on organic labeling requirements.

Why does my product feel or look different than the last time I purchased it?

All our formulas contain a high content of natural and/or organic ingredients. As with all natural products, the natural and/or organic raw materials used in our formulas have slight variations from batch to batch which will sometimes affect the feel and look of the formula during production. If the variation does not fall within our acceptable range, we do not ship that production and we start over. In addition, some natural ingredients change over time.For example, Shea butter thickens as the weeks pass by, which affects the texture (not the performance) of the product it is used in. Vegetable oils, like food in your kitchen, will begin to have a stronger smell as time passes too. And finally, high temperatures (greater than 100 deg F) and direct sunlight will affect natural formulas. It is always recommended that you store personal care products in a cool, dark and dry place.

Can I get Nectarine to custom scent and pour into retail packaging an in stock formula for me?

Yes, this would be considered a custom job and would require you to purchase at least 100 gallons at a time of your one custom formula. Most customers therefore prefer to start with our in house formulas, and custom-scent and pour the products themselves. 1 gallon will yield about fifteen 8 ounce bottles, and custom-scenting is easy, just add 1-2 drops of perfume per ounce of product in your packaging. This allows you to start small, and test out which formula and perfumes perform best for you, without breaking the bank. As you get bigger and as your business flourishes, Nectarine can also accommodate your custom needs.

I have a formula I like, can you duplicate it?

Yes, this would be considered a custom job and would require you to purchase at least 100 gallons at a time of your custom formula, which would yield approximately 1,500 eight ounce bottles. For custom jobs, the time line from product development to final production takes about 6 months, and the cost depends entirely on the formula you are trying to duplicate.