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"No other source compares with Nectarine for quality of product, creativity and excellence of service... and that's after more than thirty five years of doing business with them! A wonderful company in every respect."
-A retailer purchasing from Nectarine since 1975

"I depend on Nectarine to provide first-rate products that are natural, healthy, biodegradable and fun! Their fragrances are stars -- clean, fresh, and wearable."
-Store owner buying from Nectarine since 1975

 "Jane Saunders was buying Jojoba from Native American growers thirty five years ago - and now the majors have caught up with her. But her products are better, and that's why my customers keep coming back for more."
-Long time customer singling out our founder Jane's innovative vision

"The best in products, service, and customer support. Don't even think of going anywhere else!"
-Midwest customer since 1972

"With all the dispensing and packaging they make available, Nectarine has made setting up a fragrance and body care bar a no-brainer. Just talk with your representative and they'll fix you up with everything you need (and lots of good advice too) and then watch the return sales."
-California retailer

"The Information Source has been invaluable for training our personnel. Though we've been a Nectarine customer for years, we frequently read through it to refresh our memory about each product's uses and benefits. It's great!"
-Southeast retailer since 1979


"I have been wearing Rain perfume for over 10 years now and still absolutely love it. I try different fragrances on occasion, but I always come back to this because, simply put, it is perfect. It works on anyone, is delicate yet has staying power, and is like nothing else out there. I get compliments on it everywhere I go."
-Consumer from Massachussetts talking about our bestselling Rain Perfume Oil which was created in the seventies by Jane Saunders and her family

"Luxury Foaming Bath Gel comes in gorgeous colors and, when scented, becomes a truly custom product. When a customer is buying lotion, it's easy to add on Luxury Foaming Bath Gel for fragrance-layering. Then just suggest a roll-on of perfume oil and they've got the whole fragrance story."
-West Coast retailer speaking about Luxury Foaming Bath Gel

"Nectarine has so many wonderful lotions, it's hard to chose but customers love to have the selection to accommodate their own skin type. Keep testers out of all your lotions and let customers find the one for them. They'll be hooked and their skin will glow!"
-West Coast retailer

"Nectarine lotions are the finest on the market. No other company provides us with such a variety of consistently marvelous lotions. Our repeat business is incredible."
-West Coast retailer

"I think we probably pay the rent with ADE moisturizer alone! One customer calls it the "million dollar cream in a bottle." I've witnessed the evolution of her dry, itchy, flaky skin turn into a beautiful, soft and moist texture. She claims her skin feels like a baby's butt!"
-Los Angeles retailer

"Nectarine's Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream is abolutely amazing. My son had a scaly, itchy rash behind his knees for months and the baby lotion I was using wasn't calming his skin. I tried the cream and within 2 days his rash disappeared! Now I use it on him every night and his skin looks and feels beautiful!"
-Working mom / consumer from California

"Nectarine's range of facial care products is marvelous, addressing all skin types very effectively. They provide us with lots of return business and I know they've helped my own skin thrive. I truly do get compliments all the time."
-West Coast spa owner

About our White Tea & Shea Anti Aging Facial Cream:
"This facial cream is excellent. It has a wonderful refreshing texture and it also is quite healing."
-East Coast consumer

About our Honey Almond Scrub:
"Has a magical scent and works wonders for skin and body. Luv it!!"
-West Coast retailer