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Packaging is in VERY short supply due as a result of the pandemic. Many items are out of stock nationally. We are supplying alternatives to our standard packaging. We are limiting shipments so everyone gets some as needed. Plastic body care packaging is avaiable only to current Nectarine customers who purchase liquid hair, bath and body products. We are continuing to source packaging and aiming for continous supply as needed. We ask you to be flexilble and I am sure consumers will be understanding as we are getting used to shortages of one kind or another.
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8.45 oz PETE Bottle for Self Foaming Pump  EACH 8.45 oz PETE Bottle for Self Foaming Pump EACH

(Pump in picture is sold separately.)

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Self Foaming Pump (White)   each Self Foaming Pump (White) each

Fits our Self Foaming Bottle

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