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HAPPENING NOW our Annual Fragrance Event and we are celebrating with 3 new fragrance introductions, including a new category - ALL NATURAL PERFUMES!

Vintage Cedar & Ylang Allure All Natural Fragrances
Mimosa & Tonka Perfume Essence
This is a perfect time to re-stock your customer's favorite scents and the most importantly, time to refresh and introduce new offerings. Newness sells in the beauty biz and consumers love to explore and discover unique scents to add to their fragrance wardrobe.

OB Richmond, CA. ASAP Shipping. Only one discount applies per item. Minimum $200 order per account/ shipping address.
5% off all 1/2 lb Perfume Oils & Essential Oils
10% off all 1 lb (or two 1/2 lbs of same perfume) and 5 lbs Perfume Oils & Essential Oils (don't forget - 5 lbs perfume oils are already priced with a 6% discount, so this totals over 15% off!)
20% off our recent Perfume Introductions - Vintage Cedar and Ylang Allure All Natural Fragrance, plus Mimosa & Tonka Perfume Essence
20% off our VOC-compliant Diffuser Reed Base

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Strawberry Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Strawberry 1/2 lb

Our Strawberry Perfume Oil is sweet and lovely, invoking memories of warm, summer days and lush gardens -- it's a true, single note Strawberry essence.

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Orange Essential Oil 1/2 lb Orange 1/2 lb

Orange oil, traditionally used to uplift spirits, as an aphrodisiac and to rejuvenate, is also essential in blends.  Mix with any citrus, skin-safe cinnamon, sandalwood, musks, rose and violet.

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Pinon Pine Perfume Oil    1/2 lb Pinon Pine Perfume Oil 1/2 lb

Evocative in any upcoming season - crisp autumn afternoons, winter holidays and summers in the forest, and inspired by the fresh woodsy aroma of New Mexico Pinon pine trees, this beautiful fragrance is perfect for a relaxing sauna inspired bath and body set; to use with our Diffuser Reeds; or to create a winter fresh room spray or cologne!

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Creme de Menthe Perfume Oil Creme de Menthe 1/2 lb

Deeply warm and just sweet enough, this lovely winter mint fragrance melds sensual chocolate and spicy mint, with a layer of sweet cream. Fresh and cool, ideal for a long hot summer, the winter holidays and beyond.

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Powder Perfume Oii 1/2  lb Powder 1/2 lb

Ideal for your scent library is this fragrance is both wearable alone and great as a blending accord., Powder is a romantic aroma, soft as a powder puff with luminous notes of peach, pear and freesia, a heart of elegant rose, violet and muguet, and a sensuous finish of sandalwood, vanilla, and a clean, soft musk.  Perfect for day or evening and one is sure to be a modern classic.

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Maui Ginger  Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Maui Ginger 1/2 lb

Sunny and happy, with notes of sparkling red ginger, sweet Hawaiian jasmine and a splash of sun-kissed citrus. Hints of amber and sandalwood balance by adding warmth and depth.

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Cucumber Melon  1/2 lb Cucumber Melon 1/2 lb

Sweet, juicy cantaloupe and watermelon are blended with crisp cucumber to create a cool, uplifting and very wearable scent.

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Tuberose Tango 1/2 lb Tuberose Tango 1/2 lb

This voluptuous fragrance combines creamy notes of tuberose, gardenia, fresh cyclamen, freesia, neroli and lotus. Amber and musk add depth and character.  Sensual as the tango itself.

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Almond Perfume Oil Almond 1/2 lb

A rich almond fragrance perfect to custom scent your favorite body care products.  Not for use directly on skin.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil   1/2 lb Eucalyptus 1/2 lb

Eucalyptus, fresh and woody, was traditionally a native medicinal in Australia and now most used for its uplifting, aromatic, decongesting properties.

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Ylang Ylang Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Ylang Ylang 1/2 lb

This spicy floriental was inspired by a flower from the Philippines.  Its exotic blend of floral notes is warmed by nuances of vanilla and is supported by undertones of precious woods.

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Nag Champa Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Nag Champa 1/2 lb

Nag Champa, like the popular incense fragrance, is a favorite of devoted yogis thanks to its soothing notes of warm woods and resins, perfectly melded with exotic florals.

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Vanilla  Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Vanilla 1/2 lb

A true vanilla bean sensation is balanced with powdery clean musk nuances, enveloping the sweetness and heightening its warm sensuality.

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Bergamot Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Bergamot 1/2 lb

Delicate top notes highlight a bouquet of orange, lemon and lime to form this soft yet stimulating classic floral-citrus blend.

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Lilac  Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Lilac 1/2 lb

Imagine a garden path filled with fragrant blossom, symbolizing innocence and first love.  The heady, fresh aroma of crisp greens and spicy blossoms say Spring like no other.

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Champagne Dream     1/2 lb Champagne Dream 1/2 lb

This powder fresh floral sparkles with a bit of bubbly.  Sensual white peonies, merge with soft suede, juicy apples and tempting violet and jasmine. Effortlessly chic for every occasion.

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Flower Pot Oil  1/2 lb Flower Pot 1/2 lb

So prized, Frankincense was one of the gifts of the Magi and a symbol of priesthood and royalty.  Richly aromatic and reminiscent of cypress, citrus and resins.

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Matchpoint Perfume Oil (for men) 1/2 lb Matchpoint (for men) 1/2 lb

A sporty and alluring fusion of Italian bergamot, ruby grapefruit, plus crisp apple.  Spicy hints of geranium, pink peppercorn, Jamaican rum, vanilla and musk infuse vigor and masculinity.

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Tea Thyme Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Tea Thyme (unisex) 1/2 lb

A clean and garden-fresh infusion of crisp green tea, Italian citrus and herbs, this elegant, contemporary blend uplifts with its youthful spirit.

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English Pear & Wildflower   1/2 lb English Pear & Wildflower 1/2 lb

Sweet, luscious notes of just-ripe pear are enhanced with a fresh floral bouquet of freesia and rambling rose, while subtle hints of amber, patchouli and woods add sensuality and warmth.

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Black Ambrosia Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Black Ambrosia 1/2 lb

This intoxicating unisex blend of opulent tobacco leaf  and crushed cocoa beans is reminiscent of old Havana glamour.

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Silver Stream Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Silver Stream (unisex) 1/2 lb

This exhilarating scent, perfect for men and women, captures the energy of fresh mountain air and majestic snow capped peaks with the perfect accord of fresh citrus, cassis, tea and woodsy notes.

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Sonoma Spa Blossom Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Sonoma Spa Blossom 1/2 lb

The invigorating, lovely aromas of a sun-filled Sonoma garden are interpreted beautifully in this uplifting blend that refreshes the mind and enhances creativity.

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Ascot Red Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Ascot Red 1/2 lb

This new, sophisticated fragrance has top notes of spicy ginger, grapefruit and cranberry, as well as the earthy woods, musk and leather, giving it a balanced and masculine depth.

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Cinnamon (personal care use) 1/2 lb Cinnamon (personal care use) 1/2 lb

Skin-friendly spicy aroma specially formulated not to burn or irritate skin!  Use alone or to create your warm, cozy blends.

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French Vanilla  Perfume Oil 1/2 lb French Vanilla 1/2 lb

A warm, rich blend of spicy vanilla beans and sensual amber undertones.

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Myrrh Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Myrrh Mystique 1/2 lb

Unisex and earthy with herbaceous armoise, origanum and spruce, a heart of sweet lavender and ylang ylang, all in a balsamic base of Myrrh, vanilla and tonka bean.

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Lavender Vanilla  Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Lavender Vanilla 1/2 lb

French lavender and Madagascar vanilla are blended with juicy mandarin, mountain sage and ylang ylang blossoms to create a peaceful and serene impression.

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Juicy Peach Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Juicy Peach 1/2 lb

A fresh and mouthwatering blend of luscious peach with a touch of leafy green florals.

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Violet Perfume Oil 1/2 lb Violet 1/2 lb

The most endearing and delicate of flowers for its sweet, powdery warmth and graceful purple petals.  Violets stand for modesty, and the history tells us that Napoleon covered Josephine's grave with these elegant blooms. They are a wonderful bridge from the past to the present!

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