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The biggest trend in fragrance, bath & body care. Nectarine now offers three great fragrances that can be marketed as ALL NATURAL! Each contains an artistic blend of all natural, therapeutic and quality aromatic materials including essential oils, distillates, resins and extracts. Ingredients are obtained from plants using distillation, expression or extraction and do not contain petro solvents. Nectarine's natural fragrances are complex, precious and wearable. Not only do they smell amazing, your customers will love wearing them too! We designate these aromas by the AN symbol.
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Damask Rose All Natural Fragrance 1/2 lb Damask Rose AN 1/2 lb

This all-natural Damask Rose fragrance is an elegant, clean floral inspired by the rosa damascena, a symbol of romance and beauty and the traditional rose used in perfumery and rosewater. This extraordinary scents artfully blends natural rosa damascena with aromatic essential oils of rosy geranium, fresh citrus and precious star anise and sandalwood. A great option for a skin scent, to custom scent in the Organic Spa offerings and on your blending bar.

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Vintage CedarPerfume OIl 1/2 lb Vintage Cedar AN 1/2 lb

Reminiscent of classic perfumery, fresh, balancing cedar and spruce essential oils, with calming geranium, lavendin, spirited orange, and guiacwood. The finishing is bright hints hints of black pepper. Great for women and men!

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Ylang Allure Perfume OIl 1/2 lb Ylang Allure AN 1/2 lb

Ylang Ylang is the "Flower of Flowers" in the Philippines and so romantic it is spread on the bed of newlyweds. Ylang essential oil, cedar, natural citrus, and creamy, spice notes of West Indian sandalwood, vanillin, patchouli and resin make a sultry, balmy aroma.

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Ylang Allure w/ Hemp Soap  1 dozen Ylang Allure w/ Hemp Soap 1 dozen

Scented with all-natural Ylang Allure and infused with nourishing hemp oil, this 100% vegetable-based bar contains a high percentage of moisturizing glycerin to cleanse without drying or irritating. Chunky rectangular shape. Clear cello wrapped. NET WT. 4.5 oz each.

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